Mik Sullivan can’t remember a time when she wasn’t obsessed with music. According to her parents she was singing before she could even talk. She was always coming up with little songs as a kid, with subject matter ranging from clouds to crushes, not too different from her current songs. Mik started shifting her focus towards the theatre arts, but came to the realization her senior year of high school that she had to fully pursue songwriting. A strong desire for self expression, a deep love for music, and most importantly her extremely supportive family and friends have led Mik to the releasement of her first ever EP! Mik Sullivan’s biggest inspirations include classic folk music, musicians/poets such as Joanna Newsom, Sufjan Stevens, and Joni Mitchell, and mountains. Mik hopes her music captures a feeling that can only be accurately portrayed through song and that and that others can find community and comfort in such feeling.