Mik Sullivan

For her entire life, Mik Sullivan has been obsessed with music. According to her family, she was singing before she could even talk. As a child, she was always creating songs with subject matter ranging from clouds to crushes, not too different from her current songs now with the sophistication of life experience. Mik began to shift her focus towards the theatre arts, but continued to be pulled to songwriting and knew it was a dream she had to chase. With a strong desire for self expression and a deep love for music, Mik Sullivan has released her debut EP, Overdramatic. The goal of Mik's music is to capture a feeling that can only be accurately portrayed through song, and create a place where others can find community and comfort in such feeling.

Her debut EP, Overdramatic, written and recorded at just 19 years old, is a modern folk exploration with traces of genres such as pop and indie. Featuring clean arrangements, romantic melodies, and innovative lyricism, Mik’s debut is a must-listen! Overdramatic gains it's strength from the individuality of each song but creates a warm and inviting complete EP featuring Mik’s soulful voice and heartfelt songwriting.



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Darlin', you're everything all at once.

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